SureEdge Roof Trim

Sure Edge is a fast-fit, high quality PVC-u edge trim system designed around a high quality finish and the durability to offer an extra-long life. The trim is available in either black or white and comes complete with a PVC-u Built in Batten that removes the need for a standard wooden batten. There is also a thinner back plate included which can be used to mount directly when a standard wooden batten is already in place.

The Built in Batten

Sure Edge is manufactured from high quality co-extruded PVC-u which is the same technology used for modern external fascias and barge boards. The simplicity of design allows for a far quicker and easier installation, significantly reducing the man hours required and making it a highly cost effective trim to install. This simplicity also ensures a well-executed installation allowing the full quality benefits of the trim to be achieved.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High quality co-extruded PVC-u
  • Colour match of corners, clips and trim lengths
  • Complete range of joints and corner accessories
  • Pre-drilled trims for easy installation
  • Pre-applied waterproof sealant foam on gutter trim and check kerb
  • Colour matched Polytops and stainless steel fixings
  • High stock levels for guaranteed delivery
  • Manufactured by Flex-R in the UK meeting the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System
  • Much faster installation than metal or gutter wrap system
  • Repeated positive feedback from customers about the high quality finish
  • Choice of two back plate for gutter trim – standard which will handle curved drip edges and fits to existing timber drip batten or the Built In Batten which entirely removes the need for a timber batten

Easy and Fast Installation


Gutter Trim

  • Fix the Built in Batten to the fascia using ring shank stainless steel nails
  • If a standard wooden batten is already in place simply use the standard back plate included
  • Dress membrane down over the Built in Batten with a 75mm overhang
  • Secure the Trim with 65mm Polytops

Check Kerb Trim

  • Install the membrane with a 75mm overhang on all sides
  • Hold the Trim in position and apply downward pressure to ensure a watertight seal
  • Secure the Trim with 50mm Polytops through the pre-drilled fixing holes

Corner Components

  • For all corner components simply apply super-glue to ONE edge and hold in place until set
  • Do not apply glue to both edges as the Trim needs to be able to expand and contract

Check Kerb Trim to Gutter Trim Stop Ends

  • The Check Kerb External Corner/Stop End have pop-out blanking plates indicated in black in the above diagram
  • To use as an external Check Kerb Trim corner remove both blanking plates
  • To use as a left hand or right hand Check Kerb Trim to Gutter Kerb Trim corner remove the corresponding blanking plate

Trim Joiners

  • The trim comes with joining clips that simply hook beneath the extrusion and clip over the top by applying positive pressure
"Service life in excess of 35 years"

Why ClassicBond?

What makes ClassicBond EPDM the right choice for you:

  • Choice of 1.2mm thick or premium 1.5mm thick membrane
  • Maintenance free waterproof membrane
  • Does not crack or split or rot
  • UV stable
  • Does not support moss or algae growth
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe to install – the system is laid with cold applied adhesives
  • One piece sheet equals no joints… no leaks


The Numbers Do Not Lie

  • EPDM flat roof membranes have a life expectancy of at least 50 years.
  • Half–century track record of performance and durability.
  • EPDM is Environmentally Friendly.

Built To Last

  • Unmatched weatherability
  • Flexilbility
  • Economical
  • First manufacturer to exceed 10 billion square feet of EPDM membrane production.
  • Pressure–sensitive accessories available for virtually any penetration or detail.

Always Rolling Forward

  • Wide variety of membrane sizes – to suit each individual project and customers needs.
  • Seamless – Completely Reliable
  • Fast
  • Safe – Heat free installation
  • New flat roof projects and old flat roofs without disrupting activities in the building.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneouvre